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Retrospection: SymbolizesME Shoot

March 02, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Prudence Story PortraitPrudence Story of SymbolizesME


Hello Beautiful People!


I believe it’s good to look back on past work every now and again to see what you liked and disliked about it as well as how you can improve going forward. Think of it as a #FlashbackFriday with meaning! With that mentioned, today I’m going to look back at one of my favorite shoots to date. Let’s get into it!


Prudence Story and SymbolizesME


I’d known Prudence for many years prior to doing this set of shoots for her. She’s always struck me as being a go getter, intelligent and focused. She was looking for someone to shoot her latest offerings and I humbly offered to help. The line, which uses African Adinkra symbols, consists of fun and functional tees, hooded sweaters and skirts that communicate a desire to inspire. They incorporate Prudence’s own personal style: funky, a little spicy, practical and free!


SymbolizesME CollageSymbolizesME in Full Effect!


About the shoot


I scheduled two days to shoot with two models per day. We were going to be shooting at two different locations and I didn’t want to have to go through the hassle of hauling gear across Chicago if I didn’t have to. The first day proved the most successful, in my opinion. The space had lots of natural lighting (which I required since, at that time, I didn’t have any lighting gear) and decent indoor and outdoor places to shoot. The second day, while not unsuccessful, proved more challenging as the space was smaller and there were fewer places in and around the location that offered interesting backdrops for the models. In the end, fun was had, and both Prudence and the models liked their images so that makes it a win for me as well!


What I learned


First and foremost, I learned just how important scouting a location before a shoot is. While I’m capable of “shooting from the hip” and making a location work, I think the resulting images would have been so much better if I’d had time to plan around the less than stellar second location. Also, regardless of enjoying shooting in natural light, I learned to always have access to at least one external light source like an off-camera flash or strobe (which I have now).


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